Stud Breeders Code of Conduct

I strive for excellence with regard to:

  • The Hugenoot Breed's wellbeing and act accordingly
  • Best practices to achieve maximum yield from each animal
  • My herd with pride, honesty and integrity
  • By integration of all information regarding stud breeding and applying it in practice
  • By providing and supplying available and reliable data to the industry's organization for processing
  • Will always be tolerant to one another
  • Will resolve differences and disputes in a honorable manner
  • Will never place personal price and or interests above the breed or other breeders
  • Never to voice negative criticism of any breeder's animal
  • Guard against "co-breeder jealousy"



  • I am submissive to the association that was established under the Animal Improvement Act (Act No. 62 of 1998) and is now operating
  • We commit ot continually expand and improve the image of the Hugenoot SA Cattle Breeders Association and the Hugenoot Breed
  • We commit never to act or do that what will jeopardize and or harm the above mentioned
  • We commit to study the Constitution and by-laws and to ensure its disciplined application
  • We commit to comply with my financial obligation towards the society and industry's organisation


Commercial Breeders

  • Accept that we as the stud breeders lay the foundation on which the total livestock industry is being built
  • As the primary producers of the genetic material, we will continuously ensure that only enhanced material will be made available
  • We are willing to guarantee race authenticity, status, breeding and performance of each animal
  • We need to be aware of the needs of the market and to provice accordingly
  • We need to inform commercial breeders the true value of the stud animals within our herds and therefore be willing to pay fair prices and that we will not undermine the stud industry by selling non-standard bulls to them

My Contribution

  • is to pursue and promote the purity and trueness of our breed at all times
  • is to ensure the¬†improvement of our breed's phenotype as well as genotypically
  • is the positive selection of all animals
  • is the applying of breed standards as a way of life and to implement it in practice
  • is to avoid inbreeding