The Hugenoot SA Cattle Breeders Association Council continuously and purposely strives to render exceptional service and advice to our breeders as well as to the industry as a whole.


To ensure that the breed's standards are continuously revisited and are met, the constitutional legislation is followed and complied with, nd that the code of conduct is followed and adhered to.


Our council members are individually or collectively assigned with specific projects to improve related facets which will enhance breeding standards, breeders' knowledge, transparent communication and, effective marketing in order to ensure that both commercial and stud breeders are successful in their individual undertakings.

Hugenoot SA Association

Vision and mission

  • Strict standards of appearance and genetic superiority which must always be applied in order to retain the unique features of the Hugenoot quality progressively over time, even at the expense of quantity; and
  • Strict inspection with the introduction of basic animals in order to ensure that predetermined combinations are allowed that comply with the essential characteristics and minimum standards of the Hugenoot and its breeding objective
  • To encourage the cultivation and improvement of the Hugenoot as a South African terrestrial breed by rendering effect to the powers and duties confered on the Association in terms of applicable legislation regarding the registeration or re-registration of herds of herd registers, the exportation of Hugenoot semen, embryos and live animals, technical, advisory and inspection services or in any other manner;
  • To preserve the authenticity of the Hugenoot breed in the RSA and member countries, and to promote interest in the breed by available means;
  • To ensure that members, according to accepted farming practice, carefully record the pedigrees and particulars of the Hugenoot breed for the purpose of recording or registering it through SA Studbook;
  • To establish a breed standard and ensure that it is correctly applied
  • To provide guidance and advice to members and prospective members to improve the Hugenoot breed through cooperation with SA Studbook, and relevant authorities;
  • To do everything in its power to promote members' interests in relation to their Hugenoot operations;
  • To collect and disseminate information on the best methods to build and maintain optimal Hugenoot breeding and keep members informed of scientific and other development;  and to perform such functions and perform duties as imposed on the Association by the Annual General Meeting, applicable legislation and as a result of its affiliation to SA Studbook.

Henk van Rensburg

082 345 1270


Council Members

Mary Lochner

Freddie van Eyk


Franci-Mari van Heerden

083 449 3227


Renette du Preez

Gerda van Rensburg