Place in the cattle market



"The Hugenoot is an economical, functional, and effective animal, which produces the maximum edible red meat."



Feedlots accept Hugenoot calves and Hugenoot crossbred calves eagerly, because they retain their Grade A3 classification while growing economically.

Furthermore, Hugenoot excel in feedlot performance due to an inbred ability to convert feed efficiently into lean meat. Optimum genetic size allows them to reach a market weight desired most by the packer and consumer, within relation to feeding.

It has been proven that the breed, as well as crossbreeds, produces edible, marketable meat with reduced fat and sizeable carcasses.

"Hugenoot cattle are made to grow in Phase C tests. Hugenoot are not only highly competitive, but could outshine alternate breeds with their favourable feed conversion rate and impressive average daily increment."




"It’s profitable to produce meat with Hugenoot studs, but they also perform very well in crossbreeding programs if you want a blast of hybrid power unleashed."

With a muscular and well-marbled carcass and a high ratio of lean to fat meat, the Hugenoot will hang a high yielding. Resulting in a “Choice to Prime” carcass at the most desirable market weight.


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