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About the breed

This breed was bred from the Afrikaner and Charolais in a 40% to 60% relation. The breed was developed in 1961 by Dennis Solomon and the late Daan Laubscher in the tropical lowveld of the Limpopo province, close to Phalaborwa. In 1980 the breed became know as the Huguenot after the French Huguenots who emigrated to South Africa during 1688. There are currently 33 breeders and substantial interest from prospective breeders.
Breeders are spread across a wide ecological spectrum in South Africa, from the Free State through the cold Highveld and the steep mountains of the Waterberg, to the warm parts of the Bush and Lowveld.

All of these breeders praise the breed's adaptability to their various regions. The most outstanding characteristics of the foundation breeds have been captured in the Huguenot. This includes the Afrikaner's hardiness, great walking ability, short smooth coat, natural tick resistance, heat pigment, high quality red meat, great calving ease, good mothering instincts, longevity in combination with the Charolais's bigger conformation, sturdy constitution, good muscling, quick growth through all phases, good feed conversion ratio, high fertility, high libido among bulls and calm temperament.